Sophie of Woods Beyond, Queen of Evil (formerly), Dean of Evil
Sophie 1
Physical Attributes
Hair Spun Gold
Eyes Jade-Green
Height Unknown
Age 16
Mother Vannessa
Father Stefan
Siblings Agatha, Step-brothers: Jacob and Adam
Other Information
Place of Origin Gavaldon (Beyond the Woods)
School Evil (formerly)

Girls (formerly)

Fairytale The Tale of Sophie and Agatha
Special Talent Unknown




At first, Agatha was just one of Sophie's Good Deeds. Then, they grew to love each other and became the best of friends. This friendship was challenged, however when Sophie believed her true love was Rafal. After the Old-New war, Sophie became friends with Agatha again and promised to visit her and Tedros as much as she could.


In the first book, Sophie fell in love (she THINK this, but is not true.) for Tedros


Deceased father.

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