Prince Tedros of Camelot
Physical Attributes
Hair Celestial Gold
Eyes Blue Cloudless Sky
Height Unknown
Age 14/15
Mother Queen Guinevere
Father King Arthur
Siblings Unknown
Other Information
Place of Origin Camelot
School Good


Fairytale The Tale of Sophie and Agatha
Special Talent Unknown

Introduction Edit

"And one more walked in. ...The princes now had a king. (Even the villains couldn't find a reason to boo.)" [Page 78]

Personality Edit

Stubborn, hopeful, hopeless, easily bored, loves to exercise.



Married to Agatha of Woods Beyond, the two are very close and don't even have nicknames with each other.


Former boyfriend of Sophie of Woods Beyond, the two are now close friends. He tricked sophie once or twice but know they are okay with each other.


Tedros loves his father, King Arthur, and his mother, Queen Guinevere. He regrets that when he turns 16 his mother's death warrant comes into effect and that when he sees her he will have no choice but to kill her. Throughout to series Tedros has learnt more about his family, that his father was not as good as always thought and that his mother and Lancelot do truly love each other.