Agatha of Woods Beyond
Agatha 1
Physical Attributes
Hair Black
Eyes Buggy
Height Unknown
Age 12-14
Mother Callis (Adopted)


Father Stefan
Siblings Sophie
Other Information
Place of Origin Gavaldon (Woods Beyond)
School Good (formerly); Girls (formerly)
Fairytale The Tale of Sophie & Agatha
Special Talent Granting wishes


"Sophie's best friend lived in a cemetery." [Page 4]

"Her hideous dome of black hair looked like it was coated in oil. Her hulking black dress, shapeless as a potato sack, couldn't hide freakishly pale skin and jutting bones. Ladybug eyes bulged from her sunken face." [Page 9]

Agatha is described as having "a hideous dome of black hair" that is noted to be oily. She often wears a black tunic, but when she is taken to The School For Good she must wear the new uniform. Her outfit continuosly changes to the following.

.White bodice with a blue butterfly on her chest, blue harem pants, and veil

. Red, tight-fitting dress

. Her dress for the Circus Of Talents

And many other outfits over the books.

Personality Edit

On the outside, Agatha is very reclusive and avoids people like the plague. She`s only lively around Sophie. But after Professor Dovey`s makeover, she gets a refreshing burst of confidence.



Agatha's friendship with Sophie has is powerful. Their friendship is seen as being something unnatural at the School for Good and Evil, no one believes that people from opposite sides can be friends and that it will ruin the balance in their world. One good and one evil.


To begin with Agatha and Tedros did not get on. When they first saw each other in the Theatre Tedros gave her his welcoming rose and they both seemed confused about each other.